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Epworth Richmond Hospital

Facilities for acute surgical and medical care, intensive and specialist services, and rehabilitation

The aim of this project is to: 

  1. Deliver world-class patient treatment and care
  2. Promote collaboration between the teaching, research, and clinical care departments
  3. Improve health care accessibility for the inner city community

The proposed development comprises a total of approximately 77,578 sqm of new built form. This will allow for significant upgrades to the capacity and quality of services provided at the hospital including Cardiovascular, Orthopaedics, Emergency Medicine, Neurosciences, Rehabilitation, and Oncology. 

Key features of this project include:

  • Expansion of critical care facilities including the Emergency Department, Intensive Care Unit, and Cardiac Unit
  • Approximately 777 inpatient beds
  • 449 private rooms with ensuites
  • 39 operating theatres
  • Purpose-built research and teaching facilities
  • Consulting suites
  • Contemporary amenities
  • Additional 392 car parking spaces

Location: Richmond, VIC

Sector: Health

Services: Structural and Civil Engineering