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The Groves

Land development project on a greenfield site

The Groves project involves a 1,500 lot residential subdivision on a greenfield site, incorporating a wide mix of housing styles, upgrades to major perimeter roads, investigations of Water Sensitive Urban Design opportunities and major trunk infrastructure extensions. 

The impacts of the proposed development on stormwater runoff quality and quantity were analysed using the latest computer software and methods developed at the University of Newcastle and the Cooperative Research Centre for Catchment Hydrology. The PURRS water balance model, WUFS rainfall runoff design model, and the MUSIC water quality model were used to analyse the performance of various water sensitive urban design (WSUD) and integrated water cycle management (IWCM) scenarios. Local climate and demographic data was also used in the analysis. 

Our team established that the use of traditional drainage methods in the proposed development will result in significant increases in peak stormwater discharges, annual stormwater runoff volumes and annual pollutant loads. This would result in decreases in receiving water quality and increase flood risks in the downstream environment.

We proposed a full WSUD solution that includes rainwater tanks, bio-retention swales, small sediment basins, rain gardens, and contour banks. This will reduce impacts on regional water security whilst decreasing the requirement for water pumps stations, water storage reservoirs, water mains and downstream stormwater management infrastructure.

Location: Plenty Valley, VIC

Sector: Infrastructure 

Services: Civil Engineering