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Tribe Hotel

Innovative, modular hotel located in West Perth

Tribe Hotel is a 9-storey development located at 4 Walker Avenue, West Perth. Completed in 2017, the building emphasises a contemporary modular methodology and features 126 luxury hotel rooms, modern communal living areas, lounges, and outdoor courtyard.

Bonacci provided structural engineering design services for this multi-level modular hotel comprising of ground floor entry lobby with rear car park entry, one level of above-ground car parking, and 7-storeys of modular hotel rooms. 

The central lobby and lift/stair cores were also constructed in a modular precast concrete method, which is more familiar within the Australian market. However, the modular hotel rooms were manufactured off-site in China, and shipped and installed in a Lego-like fashion. 

Each module (approximately 12.2 metres long x 3.4 metres wide) consisted of a portion of the central access passage and a hotel room on either side where they were almost fully finished including furniture. The modules were stacked 7 levels high on a reinforced concrete transfer slab at Level 2, interconnected to each other and back to the central core to enable the building to act uniformly and provide stability. The modules were capped with a light-weight steel and timber roof to ensure water tightness. 

Location: West Perth, WA

Sector: Hotel

Services: Structural Engineering